Photography Services

We have a professional photographer who takes professional photos before and after each job o project to provide better quality and more detailed reports

About our photographer

Hello! I’m Carlos, passionate about telling stories through images.

But before showing what I do and why … what if you know a little more about me?

Born in Margarita Island – Venezuela, for that reason, I carry the pure essence of the Caribbean in each of my photographs.

Since I turned 17, I studied Plastic Arts. At the age of 20 I got my degree as a plastic artist, mention Sculpture. Short time later, I traveled to Bogotá (Colombia) and began to dedicate myself to photography as a hobby; however, it turned out to be an experience that would mark my career.

When I returned to my hometown in Margarita, photography became more than my work, it became a passion. Simultaneously I started to study Architecture, but in view of the crisis that faced Venezuela, I had no choice but to leave the country in the last year which was when I decided to come to Málaga (Spain) to be reborn, reinvent myself and continue giving my best.

It has been a beautiful journey of emotions and sensations. This new culture has transformed me, personally and professionally. My vision of photography and art have marked a positive change in an indescribable way and I feel an immense gratitude for it.

Now, a little more about my work:
I ´m extremely curious and an aficionado of innovation and creativity. With my line of work, I love to able to photograph weddings, fashion editorials and gastronomy.

Best way to get to know each other when working together is for you to tell me a little about your history, your day to day and how you expect the final result to be. The photography that I offer is of artistic style, always trying to narrate what happens in the day. In order for me to provide better service it is really important to know the details of your own or companies history to give me a better ideas when completing my work.

Normally I would not be able to go a single day without drawing something. Drawing is a really important part of my life and sometimes I just need a little inspiration to dream and let my head start creating adventures.

Another passion of mine is to travel and meet people from all over the world, the aroma of the sea always transports me to my roots near the Caribbean Sea, enjoy a walk on the shore of the beach, in the rain or with a radiant sun.

This final note is extremely important: For me, photography is not a job. It´s a way of life. As a photographer I value memories in a very special way and that is why I hope you will do it too.

When i am work I do not see you as clients; I see you as wonderful beings, with anxieties and desire to enjoy life, beings who feel free to express what you are and leave it embodied in an image. I see you as allies that enrich my experience and nourish my spirit

Shall we begin to tell your story together?

Life is full of wonderful moments and I am here to make them unforgettable

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